About Enzo

Aung Myint Myat Tun (Enzo) is a distinguished executive with over 11 years of senior leadership experience, particularly in information technology and business operations. He is currently the Executive Director at Spark Consulting in Mae Sot, where he excels in providing exceptional counseling, case management, education, and job training to a diverse client base. Aung’s expertise includes negotiating contracts and service agreements, developing financial planning strategies, and configuring hardware and software for local SMEs. His hands-on approach and technical proficiency ensure the seamless setup and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Previously, Enzo served as the Managing Director at CeptSix Co, Telecom Ltd in Yangon. In this role, he spearheaded successful business development initiatives aligned with the company’s strategic goals and core competencies. Aung led significant IT projects for the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication of Myanmar, including the installation of fiber optic networks and base stations for the GSM 4 Million Project. His strategic leadership and innovative approaches to resource allocation and project management have greatly contributed to advancing Myanmar’s telecommunications infrastructure.

Enzo’s academic contributions are equally notable. As a lecturer at the Yangon Institute of University Studies, he delivered courses in computer applications, programming languages, and information design for both IT and engineering students. His commitment to education is evident in his student-centered teaching methods, comprehensive course materials, and dedication to student success through personalized support and feedback.

Enzo’s educational background is robust. He holds an MBA in IT Management from the University of Northampton and a Bachelor of IT in Business IT from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Additionally, he has earned International advancce diplomas in Network & Cybersecurities from the Informatics Academy & NCC Education Services in the United Kingdom. These qualifications underpin his extensive knowledge and capability in the field of information technology.

Throughout his career, Enzo has been recognized as a versatile leader and a collaborative team player. His focus on promoting organizational missions and increasing the effectiveness of key programs has consistently driven operational success. He is known for his quick decision-making, first-rate communication skills, and ability to find reliable solutions to IT challenges. Aung is dedicated to customer satisfaction, delivering tailored technical solutions, and fostering long-term client relationships.

Aung Myint Myat Tun (Enzo) continues to be a visionary in the IT and business sectors, leveraging his diverse methodologies and engineering solutions to drive progress and innovation. His leadership, expertise, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to any organization.